Pricing Overview

What will our Return on Investment be on our project?  

A video project can seem like a large investment. However, it is important to remember a good video can easily have a lifespan of 3-5 years if not more. In this time, your video can still perform and garner views, likes and engagement with your targeted audience.  Videos can be repurposed through your media channels, chopped up, spun around and readied to serve a new message. 

How much for a 3-5 minute video?

This  question is difficult to answer because a series of variables will need to be considered. Pricing has more to do with how many locations, how long the shooting takes, how large of crew, and the complexity of the editing. Editing can often be the bulk of a project, it takes time to assemble, edit,  and re-edit a project to be what you want it to be in the end. Music, graphics and extra media all add to the overall time needed to complete the project as well. 

In this way a complex 30 sec commercial can easily cost more than a 10 min one camera interview.

Distribution methods are one of the most easily overlooked aspects of video management. A good video is not magic. In order for your project to serve you properly, you and your business need to continue the investment by putting resources into proper distribution.

The payback can result in an engaged audience and a collection of analytics for your sales and marketing teams to use as tools to help build a more successful business.

What types of projects does Warthog Video Productions, Ltd manage?

We can produce and manage all projects from pre-production to distribution. In addition all projects can be scaled to fit to the scope and budget of your projects.


Each project has it's own challenges and priorities so setting a price is difficult. One aspect that is usually not considered by the client is the amount of time steps that fall under "editing": file management, assembly edit, shot selection, rough edits, feedback from client, refining edits, graphics, music selection, music leveling, sound leveling, contrast and brightness leveling, color correcting, processing codecs, uploading for reviews, uploading for final approval, upload for final distribution and editing tweaks between each step.

This is where time can add up. Focused planning at the front end can make the editing process run more smoothly but each step above still has to be done. One can roughly estimate the editing time by taking the amount of footage shot and multiplying by 4.

If a half day of shooting yields 2 hours of footage to be processed, then 8 hours of editing would probably be the minimum time needed for a complete edit. 

The more focused the pre-production (or pre-pre-production!) the more smoothly everything else will run. (Caveat: problems will always arise, but hopefully not as many and nothing major.)

We can help you with pre-production, writing, distribution and general video project management and consultation.



We edit on FCPX and Adobe Premiere

In addition, we can obtain almost any equipment you may need for a shoot: drones, jibs, cranes, sliders and extra camera operators are readily available through our network.