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Three reasons Winter is a good time to sell your home.

Real estate sales in metro Denver are typically slow this time of year. The frenzied pace of the fall market starts to wind down as we approach the holidays, and usually stays slow for a few months. It’s cold. There’s snow to deal with. The market goes quiet, with fewer buyers and not many new listings.

1-Act before the Spring floods come! By acting now you'll be ahead of the game and hopefully negotiating a closing before new listings flood the market with the coming of spring.

2-A new listing gets more attention this time of year:  Homes that have been on for several weeks have gone stale. Buyers have seen the same homes for sale. They're eager for something new to look at and tour meaning your listing could get faster responses.

3-Realtors will have more time for you: With fewer homes being listed, realtors have more time to dedicate to you, your home and your listing. This can mean a better experience for all involved.

Soon it will be too late to take advantage: We’ll see activity pick up soon as the market prepares for the onslaught of spring listings throughout metro Denver. My advice? Get in now, ahead of the pack.

Andrew, I'd like to explore the advantages of selling now. 



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