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Customers want to know your business.

Customers and clients want to know the story of your products, your history and your people. When customers connect with your business or organization on an emotional level your leads and revenue and customer base will increase.

If your customers don't perceive your business as being different than your competition, then you don't have a competitive advantage.

When potential customers understand the difference between you and your competitors the result is their selection of your product or service.


So many stories to be told.

What a find! The SCI Recovery Project’s fundraising event would not have been successful without Mitchell!

[WVP]... was such a breeze to work with. His professionalism, skills and dedication... made our fundraising event a huge success! I was overwhelminly impressed by his abilitiy to immerse himself in the project, and spend extra time needed to make our film one that our donor base is sure to remember. Our client was thrilled by the quality representation of her and her life, and I loved how approachable he was with suggestions and ideas.

Thank you...!!!

— Amanda Wilson, SCI Recovery Project
Your videos are freaking awesome!!!!

— Trevor Wittman, Grudge Training Center
“...did a great job with in-the-field filming, and then with the editing and sound work on the final product. We’re very pleased with his work!”
— Tom Cech, One World One Water: MSUD

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